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Takeshita Farm Early Morning Walk

Takeshita Farm Early Morning Walk
by Dylan Robinson

Ever wondered where your food comes from? Takeshita Ranch, near Ushiyado, hopes to answer the curiosity and give a broader understanding of farm life and the relationship with the animals who feed much of Japan.

Nakashibetsu Town is situated in the eastern part of Hokkaido lays foundation to Takeshita Ranch, founded by Hiyoshi Takeshita in 1956. People are invited to take a walking tour of the ranch to get a deeper perspective of the daily operations and the dynamic between farmer and animal. In particular, cows hold a special place in the hearts of the people of Takeshita Ranch as they are more than just a source of milk and meat.

The tour will take you through the barn during milking, where you can see them up close and feel their energy. Then, onto a barn where the cows will eat after being milked and further around the farm where you may see young calves only born the day before!

Beyond dairy farming, the ranch strives to promote the wonders of cows to the world. There is an accommodation facility in Ushiyado where visitors can stay and are encouraged to form a new bond with these gentle creatures.

Ever since Hiyoshi Takeshita chose this town and started developing the farm, cows have been a source of strength. They are engrained amongst the magnificent scenery of the ranch, provided a livelihood through dairy farming, and been companions in daily life.

For the people of Nakashibetsu, cows are more than just a means to an end. They hold deep cultural and spiritual significance, and the ranch aims to share this value with the world. By promoting the splendor of this place and its unique relationship with cows, a new relationship between humans and cows can be forged.