“Shiretoko Nemuro” has an untouched and rich nature, and there are people who live here. You can encounter true luxury by visiting the workings with your own feet and feeling the life, and by taking your time and thoroughly experiencing the depths of the earth. This is a stage where you can feel that wild animals, wild birds, nature, and people are all “alive”. Add adventure to your daily life through an essential journey that touches your heart.



The majestic nature supports and envelops the lives of a wide variety of animals such as killer whales, whales, brown bears and Ezo deer. I want you to feel the dynamic breathing that throbs in various places such as the sea, mountains, and rivers.


The many birds that grow in the great outdoors of the Far East continue to fascinate bird watchers around the world. Experience the special experience of encountering Steller’s sea eagles, Blakiston’s fish owls, red-crowned cranes and spectacled guillemots flying in the sky of Shiretoko Nemuro.


A superb view woven by overwhelming nature that remains in its original state. Satisfy the five senses of travelers who visit and become one with nature as it is through exciting adventures and challenges.


Coastal areas with straits and unique topography, and inland areas opened up by reclamation. People’s activities nurtured by the blessed environment have formed various industrial cultures since ancient times, and produce the uniqueness of travel.

Variety of activities

Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruise

Brown Bear Boat Tour

Drift Ice and Bird Watching Cruise

Ochiishi Nature Cruise

Rausu Lake Trekking

Narawara Mystery Tour

Ice Horizon Snowshoe

Rausu Kelp Cutting Experience

Canoe and Forest Trekking Experience

Banya Town Walking Tour

Takeshita Farm Early Morning Walk

Far East Birding Coordination Desk

Coordination Desk

Wild bird tourism in the eastern Hokkaido area has gained popularity among core birders, mainly among Westerners and Australians, but it still has great potential. In order to promote more fulfilling wild bird tourism in East Hokkaido, we are responsible for inquiries from travel agencies, the media, and the general public, regardless of whether they are in Japan or overseas, and we are committed to providing highly satisfying guidance. We will open a wild bird sightseeing coordination desk for the purpose.

Shiretoko Nemuro Travel Information

Travel Information

We have put together all the necessary information for traveling in the Shiretoko Nemuro area. Please refer to this page for transportation and hospitals.